Sunday, April 12, 2009

long time, no blog

Sorry I haven't been updating much recently, I've been away since this past Thursday! But anyways I know there are lots to catch up on including filling you all in on my spring break adventures. That is a post I am too tired to write at the moment so I am just going to say I will update soon with pictures and all. (Although this could be hard considering I took about 450 pictures)

On a more sour note---Today was not the best day.

I missed my flight to Barcelona because of stupid buses, cabs, and trains. I wish I knew someone with a car who could drive me to the airport. Although missing my flight isn't the end of the world like my dad said. So after a day of whining, tears, and McDonald's to make me feel better, I am now over the fact that I will not be enjoying a holiday in Spain (Okay, not really I need to go eat some chocolate to make me feel better and fittingly enough---that chocolate is a Cadbury egg!)

Anyways, Happy Easter everyone! I hope it's full of peeps, easter egg hunts, and large fluffy scary bunnies trespassing in your backyard.

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