Sunday, March 15, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts recently, Kelly was visiting for the week so I haven't been glued to my computer at 2 am like I normally am....

Anyways, we had a fantastic week! We went to the comedy store which is always so much fun, and we saw Wicked friday night. WOW!!! It was amazing, the sets, the COSTUMES!!, the singing, everything was phenomenal. the way they weaved in the Wizard of Oz (wicked is the prequel) was so clever and I highly suggest going to see it. I want to read the book now if I ever get the chance.

My parents were supposed to go while they were in NYC for the Big East but when they were walking to the show they realized their tickets were for Jersey Boys. (My guess is this is a mistake that should be blamed on ketel one and cranberry and crown royal)

Meanwhile, Car, Case, and Adam were in Marco visiting Nan and Pop and they looked like they had so much fun!! Saying I am extremely jealous is an understatement. Of course the first year since 7th grade everyone decides to go down to Marco is the one I can't go!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Spring Break :)

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