Saturday, March 7, 2009

whats goin' onnn

Today was a good day. Let me tell you why.

Nikki and I decided that we needed to take advantage of the rare bright blue sky and sun and walk around (which really means go shopping). So I dragged myself out of bed, put on my new favorite gray scarf and my way too expensive sunglasses that I haven't had too much a chance to wear, and took the tube to Oxford Circus.

Since we weren't exactly sure what we wanted to do first, we decided to get food because that is always a good idea. Because it was such a pretty day, we wanted to find a cafe where we could eat outside and admire the people walking along the sidewalks on London. We found a cute little Italian restaurant that we both have been saying we have to go to because it is right by one of our Westminster classes.

While we were sitting down waiting for our drinks (I ordered a Sprite and for some reason at Italian restaurants in London, Sprite=Lemonade, weird?) we were approached by an older fella looking for a piece of paper. Nikki had an old Burger King receipt so she gave it to him. Little did we know, he would return with a phone number written on it for "an overbooked single male model". Apparently this gent was a manager for the modeling company just around the corner and thought we would be a good match for his client. So, to call or not to call, that is the question.

Following our lunch, we went to HMV which is a massive DVD/CD store which has everything for really cheap. You can literally spend hours in there and they have every movie and CD you could ever want, besides Beauty and the Beast which is what I was looking for. It's probably in that damn Disney vault....speaking of: Why does Disney feel the need to do that?! We should be able to buy our childhood favorites at all times!

I purchased Harry Potter and the PHILOSOPHER's Stone (so British!) and Shakespeare in Love which I just watched and loved.

After going to Boots (like a big CVS) we were all shopped out and came back to good ole Lambeth North. I have just been cleaning my room and doing laundry while anxiously awaiting Kelly's arrival tomorrow morning! Then we leave for the Netherlands with Anthony and will meet Jessie, I can not wait.

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