Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Les Mis

Wow Wow Wow! I absolutely loved the show. I forgot how much of the score I know and was pleasantly surprised to find myself singing along in my head to a lot of the music.
Our seats were really good, on the floor and I was directly in the center. Besides the fact that I was sitting next to an incredibly rude 60 something British woman (my friend Chris says these are the worst kind esp. at the theatre!) I had a truly great experience at the Queen's Theatre last night.

The music is so powerful and the first scene where they sing "Look Down" really set the mood that the music was the center of the play. The man who played Javert had a good voice and stage presence and everytime he referred to Jean Valjean as "24601" I got the chills!

The art director for the show was brilliant in making the stage revolve in a circle because it made set changes effortless and the effect of people moving from one place to another looked really cool.
The actors themselves were really great as well, my favorite voice belonging to Eponine especially when she sang my favorite song "On My Own". The man and woman who played Mr. and Mrs. Thenardie (the owners of the Inn--and maybe better known to my fam as the couple who sing Master of the House) were fabulous. They were both really funny and engaged the audience as soon as they walked on stage.

The sets really blew me away, they were moved so easily and with a blink of the eye there was an entirely new set to look at and scene already in motion. The barricade set and scene were done flawlessy, I especially liked when everyone in the barricade was killed and they all moved in slow motion. Really cool.
Overall, I absolutely loved the show and am happy that I paid the extra 4 pounds for a program as well. Musicals are so uplifting and I must start going to more on a regular basis.

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