Thursday, January 15, 2009

mind the gap

As the days go on here in London, I've realized one thing: I love it more and more here everyday. I finally unpacked my suitcases today, and it is nice that I can actually walk in my room now.

I ate fish 'n chips yesterday and it was delicious, we went to this place next to our dorm called Mr. Fish Bar....original name, I know. It seems that every food place around us only sells fried chicken and fish which is nonetheless delicious, but I don't think I can eat anymore chicken nuggets for a while.

After dinner last night, we thought to ourselves we are college kids and we need to pregame the bar so we introduced ourselves to the wonderful brand of vodka, Drago. Drago is like Vladdy, but classier only because it is in a glass bottle and is consumed by Brits. Pregaming is essential here because drinks at the bar are so expensive. A mixed drink can be 8 pounds, which is about 13 dollars and that is just ridiculous.

After we got kicked out of the common room for being too loud, we decided it was finally time to get on the tube and go meet up with our friends in Picadilly. It was a friend of ours 21st birthday, so everyone from CIEE was meeting up to celebrate.When we arrived at the bar, the bouncer immediately recognized we were American and warned us not to be too loud/obnoxious/drunk and of course, as he was doing this our friend falls up the stairs to the bar. Not the best impression.

The bars here are a lot of fun, a lot of them we've been to remind me of the ones back home, and it is pretty easy to find a nice British boy to pay for your drinks! European guys are way different from American guys. They are very upfront and like to dance. They are also very complimentary, which is not a problem at all, and will tell you within the first five minutes of talking to you that you are beautiful and have a pretty accent. Can American accents even be pretty?

Still trying to figure out the picture thing....will post as soon as I learn what to do :)

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