Saturday, January 24, 2009


I finally had class this past week, and London classes are much much different from the ones I'm used to taking at Penn State. First off, you call your teachers by their first names and class is much more informal in general. I switched out of one class I originally planned on taking and now I am enrolled in a Sociology course which will transfer over at PSU.

So I am now taking Art and Society, Devising London, Social Structure Culture and Change, and London Theatre in Performance. I have classes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and each class is three hours long. (which is painful)

My one class, Devising London, is a real trip. It is an acting class, and Dawn our looney tune of a teacher, wants us to take it very seriously indeed. Dawn is a crazy woman...she introduced herself as a singer, actor, director, and yoga teacher. As soon as we walked into the class, she made us take off our shoes and socks (bizarre in itself) and sit in a circle. After we did sketches of our faces so she could remember us, we did yoga for the first half hour of class. (Thank the Lord I have this class with my good friend Nikki, or I would have ran out screaming within the first five minutes I think)

The actual class is sort of like an improv type thing, and we have a performance at the end of the semester which we have to invite all of our friends to. I think the class will definitely be interesting and I hope that I don't make too big of a fool out of myself.

My other class, London Theatre in Performance, is going to be absolutely incredible. We are seeing so many shows and we are going to learn how to critique plays. (Maybe I'll be a theatre critic!) My teacher, Shannon, is a lovely woman who knows everything about the theatre and you can tell she is very passionate about it.

We are seeing some really cool shows, for instance this week I have to go see "Complicit". It is directed by Kevin Spacey (who lives in my neighborhood) and stars Richard Dreyfuss...that guy from Jaws. It just opened up and I am really looking forward to going. In addition to Complicit, we are seeing about 9 other shows including one with James McAvoy!!!! (The guy from Atonement and Wanted) Also on the lineup is Oliver, which is "the hottest ticket" in London right now, a show called Wrecks which is a one man play from the guy who co-wrote Shakespeare in Love, and a Comedy show.

I really can not wait to see everything and learn about the London theatre.

Cheers xoxo

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