Friday, January 9, 2009


Hello from London! I am finally here safe and sound and I am absolutely thrilled that my abroad experience has begun. I honestly can not believe that I am actually in London for the next four and a half feels like in a week or two I'll have to pack my bags and head home.

The flights went pretty smoothly and I slept most of the way from Philly to London. Probably because my seat was in the section that had reclining seats with foot rests and tons of leg room, a definite bonus. When we finally got to Heathrow, we waited around for like 4 hours and then finally got a bus back to the hotel we're staying at now.

My whole program, which is about 95% PSU kids, are all staying at the Citadines in Kensington until tomorrow morning.We are right on Gloucester Road, and it is a breathtaking neighborhood. Princess Di used to live here, and I can see why, it's just the coolest place.

We are finally moving into our dorms tomorrow, and I am in International House. I'm fairly certain it's right by the London eye and the Houses of Parliament. I don't know who my "flat" mates will be yet, but a lot of people from my program that I've been with the past two days are in the same dorm with me.

Today was such a long day, but it was amazing. We had orientation until about one, then afterwards we took the underground around, and then went on a bus tour. The tour was awesome, we saw all of the landmarks. I was especially blown away by Big Ben and I loved all of the movement and hustle in Picadilly circus.

Afterwards we went to dinner...drank a lot of red wine...and went to the theater. We saw a play called "Well" and it was pretty bad. I think most of us slept the whole time and no one actually understood what the play was really about. But nonetheless it was really cool experiencing the London theatre for the first time.

I have to go to bed now because I am absolutely exhausted, I don't think I have slept over 10 hours since Wednesday. But I will post more once I'm settled in and post pictures from today! Cheers!!


  1. Molly
    Great to hear you arrived safely and started studying right away - What kind of red wine was it? London is a favorite city. I have been there twice and both times were huge fun. Try not to sleep too much - you don't want to miss anything.
    Tom Weaver

  2. i cant believe your so far away doing all of those neat things!! i love hearing what you say so make sure you keep up with it! miss you and love you!

  3. cool blog molly good idea. miss you bunches