Thursday, January 29, 2009

St. Paul's

In my Art and Society class we go on field trips every week to various spots around London, and this week we went to St. Paul's Cathedral.

Wow, it is absolutely stunning. I managed to sneak some pictures as soon as we walked in, but flash photography is not allowed so I don't have any of the actual church itself. The ceilings and paintings are incredible. They are fresco paintings which means they are actually painted onto the ceilings of the cathedral itself.

A thing I thought was weird was that there are no Virgin Mary's or crucifix's inside because the people overseeing the make of the cathedral did not want it to resemble St. Peter's in Rome. The basement of the building is a crypt where famous people are buried like Admiral Nelson (my good pal) and the Duke of Wellington.

On the upstairs floors there are galleries and after walking up about 300 steep steps hungover, I thought I was going to die before I actually got to them. There is the Whispering Gallery which is like a big ring around the larger dome of the church with holes all along the wall, which you are supposed to whisper into and be able to hear someone on the other side. I don't think it works but who knows!
We then went up to one more gallery which is outside and gives you panoramic views of all of London. Despite the rainy, foggy typical London day I managed to get some good pictures.

St. Paul's is definitely a must see for visitors to London. The ornate wood work, walls, flooring are all truly magnificent.

I lit a candle for Mammy at St. Pauls praying that she will watch over me during my time here. I know she is...RIP Mammy we miss you!

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